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Caramel and Cake! (+Update on Episodes and Website)

Okay, now this batch of episodes is getting truly crazy! This week, we've got a new flavor of Apple Jacks (how is that even possible?!), and the masters of birthday cake stepping into the cereal game. After that, I'll also have an important announcement regarding episodes going forward, as well as some new updates to the website.

So make sure you read until the end for all the details :)

With that, let's start off with our first episode: Caramel Apple Jacks!

Episode link:

Or, is it Apple Jacks Caramel... no, that's just confusing ^_^;

So yeah, seems Apple Jacks's freaky apple mascot has temporarily ditched his cinnamon stick companion to hang out with his new buddy: Caramel! And literally swapping out the mascots aside, the idea of Kellogg's trying a new apple-related combination was definitely intriguing, even if I'm not the biggest fan of the cereal myself.

And that's because, what I do like is Caramel Apples. And if you know what I feel about fruit in general, that's a major accomplishment! Honestly, I don't know what it is about adding a caramel coating that makes apples so much more tolerable, but they're nevertheless one of my favorite parts of going to the fair, right up there with cotton candy and the ever-so-delicious ribs the local outdoor smokehouse serves... mmmmm ^_^

Er, where was I... ribs, the fair, more ribs... ah yeah, Caramel Apple Jacks.

Going into this episode I was very curious if this cereal would keep the cinnamon flavor its regular variation was known for, or if the caramel addition had fully replaced it this time 'round. Additionally, it was admittedly just kind of crazy to see a new flavor of Apple Jacks at all-- besides the Halloween edition with marshmallows, I can't really think of a different variation of this cereal!

I mean, it's like giving a new flavor to Froot Loops; you have to work around the most iconic flavor literally being in the brand name XD

But hey, if Froot Loops could find a way to change up their formula, I can't see why Apple Jacks can't :) Welcome to the family of alternate flavors, Caramel Apple Jacks! Maybe next you could make a Cinnamon Apple Pie flavor...?

I mean, that'd be fantastic, right? :3

Speaking of dessert-flavored cereal, guess who's finally showed up to shut down all those "party cake" pretenders? Yes, that's right: It's Funfetti Cereal! The party king is in the house! :D

Episode link:

What episode was it where I said the closest to a "birthday cake" flavor was Funfetti? Well, it seems its creators heard that comment, because now we have an officially branded Funfetti cereal! Going into this one, Brianne and I were hyped!

Now, I'll admit it: I am a little biased in this case. Funfetti has always been one of my personal favorite cake mix flavors. It's got a great buttery flavor while not being overpoweringly sweet, which I think is a good balance for desserts. A distinct, sweet flavor, but not so sugary that you can practically feel cavities developing with every bite ^_^;

Before filming this episode, I was very curious as to how this cereal would compare to Birthday Cookie Crisp, a conceptually similar cereal Brianne and I also reviewed back in the day (at, in fact)! Believe it or not, we actually reviewed that flavor before reviewing classic Cookie Crisp-- was definitely still a fantastic first impression, though, and it captured what I look for in a "birthday/party cake" flavor very well. So now that the famed kings of "birthday cake" were trying their hand at a cereal, they definitely had some tough competition to compete with!

You know, all these cereals based on desserts, and yet still so very few cereals based on proper food! Where's my broccoli and mashed potatoes cereal? Or my turkey and gravy thanksgiving dinner cereal? Talk about sweet-treats getting special treat-ment!

Wait, huh? What do you mean "those suggestions sound disgusting?" ...Eh, maybe, but if we could get Chicken and Waffles cereal, then I say anything goes.

Next you'll probably tell me that Window Pane isn't a good flavor, either...

Alright, that's our episodes for the week, and they're definitely some good ones if I do say so myself ^_^ And now, it's time for the updates.

First of all, as I'm no doubt sure you're all aware, times are pretty tough for people right now. So, understandably, some of our supporters have had to decrease their memberships. As a result, we've dropped back down below $200.00 a month, and will be returning to posting one episode a week after this batch of episodes has posted in its entirety.

If you're a supporter, please know that we have nothing but thanks for you just for choosing to support the show at all, and don't feel obligated to up your own membership to "make up" for this decrease. We got to $200 once before, and I'm sure we'll do it again with time <3

Now, for the good news: As of today, we've updated the Seriously Cereal website to be more accessible across devices! :D

We've had many of our regular viewers state that the current link menu was too unintuitive to use; now, we've made all links more descriptive, and available from the start when you load the page. Hopefully this will clear up those issues and make our website easier to navigate moving forward :)

In addition, we've also added new Create4U-related features to our milestones! For instance: Once we can get back to $200 a month, we'll be restarting weekly Create4U meetings! We hope to hold them in person as we used to do, but if that's simply not possible with the current situation, we've reached out to the members about using Zoom as an alternative ^_^

Thank you to all our supporters for sticking with us through these hard times, and hopefully these quality of life changes will help make this website easier to peruse at your leisure. If you have anything to add, or questions for me, don't hesitate to sign in and post a comment on this blog post, and I'll respond at the earliest opportunity (usually within 24 hours).

As always, have a great Seriously Sunday, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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