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BREAKING NEWS! Seriously ;)

Breaking news: This post is going up on a Sunday again! ...Erm, wait no, that's not actually the breaking news at all. Whoops, let me start over ^_^;

This past week, we over at the DiMarco household have been in a bit of a tizzy; our go-to source for all the latest and upcoming cereals - TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram; check him out for all your sugary cereal interests ;) - recently announced that Kellogg's has put out not one, but two brand-new, seriously strange cereals! And for the past week, we have tried to find these elusive flavors to no avail! What's a family of cereal lovers to do? DX

Well, as always, Jennifer had a solution that's deceptively simple. And what might that solution be? Why, you, of course! :D

Welcome to our latest Seriously Cereal feature: Seriously Cereal Searchlight!

As you might be able to tell by the papers in my hand, this show is structured like a news channel. Whenever we're having trouble finding a cereal, then this show will let you know in quick, to-the-point videos what we're currently looking for, and how you can help us track them down.

As pictured above, our first of these two cereals is Minecraft Creeper Crunch...

...and the second is Cookies & Creme Krispies. Say that five times fast! ;D

If you've seen these cereals in a store near you, and want to let us know, then email us at, text us at (360) 550-2071, or post a comment on this very blog! We're all about keeping on top of the latest cereals to keep you informed, so as soon as you let us know you've found one of these cereals, we'll be sure to check out your lead ASAP ^_^

Thank you for reading, everyone! I hope that with your help, we'll be able to track down these cereals. In the meantime, we'll be back to our regular style of uploads next week. Take care, and I hope you all had a seriously awesome weekend :)


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