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Ask Us Questions! + Mystery Cereal #1

Hey, everyone! This month, our theme is a pretty exciting one: Surprise! And, in honor of this theme, we're breaking out our blindfolds once again as we try three surprise cereals, with no idea what they are going in! What fun! :D

But that's not even the best part: For our final episode this month, I'm going to be joined by a surprise guest - no, it's not Spoony ;D - and we'll be answering your Seriously Cereal questions! So all throughout June, I want to hear from you! If you've ever wanted to ask me about the process of filming an episode, picking a cereal to review, or even learn some trivia about our favorite mascots and their friends, this is the time to ask ^_^

Anytime before the last week of June, you can send your Seriously Cereal questions to, or post your questions on the most recent blog posts. As long as it's Seriously Cereal related, we'll cover it in the episode proper, and there's no limit to how many questions one person can send, so ask away! I can't wait to hear from you all :)

On that note...! Let's go over this week's mystery cereal! :D

Episode link:

Each week, we'll still be reading off the nutrition info for each cereal, but both me and my cohost won't know what the actual cereal will be. And this week, while we both wished we could have been a bit less messy with our eating (eh, we're blindfolded, what're ya gonna do XP), all in all I think it turned out pretty well.

I'd forgotten how fun it is to deduce opinions completely uninfluenced by a cereal's appearance, or its supposed flavor! And without giving too much away, this week's cereal is pretty different depending on whether you're a Snacker or a Spooner. No doubt, I can already tell that this will be a great theme to explore ^_^

Have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! Be sure to send in your questions, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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