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An Iconic, Chocolate Combination!

In this big wide world, there's quite a lot of things that go perfectly together. Soynut butter and jelly; bacon and eggs; brothers and sisters, the list goes on. There is one of these iconic duos, however, that I've never tried: Chocolate and Strawberries.

The reason for this? Well, simply put, I can't stand fruit. With very specific exceptions, I just don't like the texture, and that's been the same since I was young. But as luck would have it, this year General Mills has made an effort to replicate this flavor combo, in the form of Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios! And to close out our Month of Chocolate, Faith and I will be giving them a try today. :D

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Now, this might just be my personal tastes - as in, literally, my tastebuds ;P - but I've always found that the different flavors of Cheerios tend to be on the less extreme side of things. That's not to say they're "bland," don't get me wrong! But the flavors of, say, Blueberry Cheerios will definitely not yield the same "artificial berry flavor punching you in the face" as something like Booberry.

And actually, that's not a bad thing at all! Especially for someone like me, who often turns to less sweet cereals for my day-to-day snacks (or spoons :P ), Cheerios are often a great option. No matter the flavor, I can always count on that delicious oaty flavor being there. Plus, most fruit flavors of Cheerios actually contain puree of the actual fruit! Natural flavors for the win! ^_^

Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios, on the other hand, kind of zig zags that concept a bit. For one, as you might have noticed, this blog's title uses "chocolate" instead of "chocolatey." And that's because, out of this month's cereals, this is the first cereal to have actual, unsweeted chocolate in it. No "chocolatey" below 35% cocoa solids this time! Hip hip hooray! :D

But, in a surprising twist from Cheerios' past flavors, there's actually no real strawberries in this! Like, at all. Sigh... I guess for cocoa solids to rise, the fruit puree had to fall :<

Still, I personally thought this was a pretty good cereal. It had about the level of chocolate I was looking for, and it seemed like there was a bit of artificial "strawberry" flavor to offset the taste of cocoa. As you can see on the box, it's limited edition, so if you're curious in any way about it, I'd recommend picking it up if you happen to see it in the cereal aisle ^_^

Anyway, this might be it for our look at chocolate cereals, but this particular cereal actually contains a hint for next month's theme, as well! Can you guess what it is? You can post a comment with your ideas on this blog, and receive a response from Spoony, Bowler or me within 24 hours. We're always happy to chat :)

Between you and me, I think the theme might be pink cereals. Or maybe not-- such a mystery! ;D

Have a great Seriously Saturday everyone, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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