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A True Cocoa Classic!

Well, it's the weekend, and to close out November we've got one final Classic with a Twist to go over. And in this case, I'm frankly surprised we hadn't looked at it until now! It's none other than a new flavor of the oat rings we all know and love: Today, we try Chocolate Cheerios!

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I think it's safe to say that Cheerios and Chex are probably the two cereals that have the most flavors regularly available. It honestly seems like there's a Cheerios for every possible occasion! So naturally, a chocolate variety had to happen, and it's made with real cocoa! That's always great, in my opinion ^_^

Of course, it's no secret that when it comes to chocolate in cereal - hot or cold - I'm very picky about the level of cocoa incorporated into it. But Cheerios has always been pretty good with letting their added flavors build upon the classic oat taste of the rings, so going into this I was fairly optimistic, I'd say.

Is it the best chocolate cereal on the market? Eh, I'd say that's up to personal tastes. But I certainly can say that this is exactly what you'd want from a dynamic duo of Cheerios and Chocolate :D

As always, if you have any questions, you can post on this blog, and I'll respond within 24 hours. Same for if you have a question for Spoony & Bowler! We're always happy to chat :)

Have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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