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A Slice of "Life!" (New Seriously Cereal Searchlights!)

Seriously Cereal Searchlight is back! And this time, we're going after two flavors of Quaker's very own Life cereal which, though apparently having been around for a long time, we've somehow never seen ourselves! What?! O_O

The first cereal is Strawberry Life...

Episode link:

...and the second, is Vanilla Life!

Episode link:

Do either of these cereals look familiar to you? It's very possible, as these two flavors have been around for quite a long time (but only recently got this snazzy updated box :D). But, as I stated above, our local stores never seem to have these variations in stock... to the point that, until we saw them advertised on a box of Chocolate Life, we literally had no idea these flavors existed at all!

We've looked online, but all the stores we checked were sold out, and we simply don't know where to start looking; and that's where you come in! :D

If you or your legal guardian is already out shopping, and happen to see one of these cereals on the shelves, contact us, and we'll come check it out ourselves! As always, please don't leave the house specifically to look for these cereals, and don't buy these cereals for us yourself; the purpose of SC Searchlight is not to make other people do the work for us, but rather to let all of you help our own search by pointing us in the right direction ^_^

Personally, I'm incredibly excited to try these two cereals, and after you all helped us to find Cookies & Creme Krispies and Minecraft Creeper Crunch (rest assured, the review of that is coming soon... ;D), I know I can rely on you guys to help us pin down the best ways to get these flavors for ourselves :)

If you've seen these cereals and want to share, then email us at, text us at (360)-550-2071, or leave a comment right here on this very blog post!

Thank you so much, you guys; with your help, we'll make Seriously Cereal even more awesome... seriously ^_^


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