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A Seriously (Sorta) Scary Sunday!

So, how was everyone's Halloween? Even with ours being admittedly kinda hectic, me and the family still had a great time :) I got to chat with friends, listen to some of my favorite spooky tracks, even watch a couple seasonally-scary videos later that night!

Note: Watching scary videos at night is not recommended. Probably shouldn't have done that in hindsight ^_^;

But the Halloween frights aren't done just yet, because for today's Seriously Sunday, Faith and I are returning to yet another cereal from our early days of hosting the show: Count Chocula! And this time, it's a (Sorta) Cereal in the form of cute little cereal bars!

Episode link:

The original Count Chocula was actually the third review we ever posted for Seriously Cereal, believe it or not! And coincidentally, it also went up in November; November 11, to be exact! I don't know about you, but I love coincidences like that. So fun! ^_^

As for this particular version of the chocolatey count's spooky cereal, I'll definitely say this seemed like a safe bet. I mean, Count Chocula is chocolate cereal and marshmallows, seems about right for cereal bar materiel! ;D

Fun fact: After filming this episode, Faith and Jennifer actually bought a few cereals, and we experimented with making some cereal bars of our own! The first was Boo Berry, and it was actually pretty good! ...If a bit sticky from the marshmallows we used XD

You know, though, after giving it some thought, I think I might be even more picky in regards to chocolate than I am regarding sweets! There's a seriously precarious balance between chocolate being too sweet and too bitter, and very, very few products - cereal or otherwise - can find that perfect in-between that I love. It's to the point where I'm even iffy on the chocolate gingerbread houses I made with the family!

Beautiful, isn't it |:3

But, despite it all, Count Chocula remains a staple of Halloween in my eyes. And apparently many people agree, as Count Chocula was actually one of the most popular cereals of the 1970s! Can you believe it? When Jennifer found that out, we knew we just had to include it; that should definitely say something about this cereal's quality ^_^

Well, as we enter the holiday season, there's already plenty more cereals to review! So a slightly late Happy Halloween to all of you, and I hope you have a great Seriously Sunday (yay, I can say that one more time! :D). And don't forget, if you're a Seriously Cereal supporter, I've sent out October's certificate before writing this post, so be sure to check your inbox to see how Spoony and Bowler spent the spookiest day of the year :D

If you have any questions, or just want to talk, be sure to sign in and leave a comment below :) Thanks for reading, everyone; I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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