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A New Contender? (Quaker Simply Granola Oats, Apples, Cranberries & Almonds)

Yeah, I guess this was bound to happen. Fruit and nuts are a very popular combination in the cereal world, and this week we've got one such cereal to review. And since, as I'm sure you know, eating any kind of nut would not exactly be pleasant for me, Brianne and Faith have stepped in for the week to keep me safe from the terrible world of nut allergens.

Thank you, my wonderful family, for looking out for me so I do not die. That's pretty nice :3

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Sheesh though, I thought the Little Debbie cereal had a long name! But read out this cereal's title, and it's clear I was misled. "Quaker Simply Granola, Oats, Apples, Cranberries and Almonds." I mean... wow. That's pretty extreme! Might have to rethink who's really more deserving of the "Long-As-Heck-Cereal-Name Award" at this rate! ^_^;

At the same time, at least it's accurate to the box's contents! And I'll give 'em props where it's due, this is all the actual fruit and nuts advertised on the box. No apple bits flavored like other fruit here, just great, healthy ingredients for an energy-filled treat!

...Again, if you don't have a nut allergy. Curses! XP

Still, as someone who's very picky about fruit in his cereals, I think that it's actually pretty fun to see Faith and Brianne - who both love fruit quite a bit - show the other side of the coin. Episodes like this really exemplify the family aspect of Seriously Cereal, an aspect of the show I couldn't be more thankful for :)

Speaking of people who enjoy fruit, what about you? Have you ever had dried fruit for a snack? You can post a comment or share a fun story on this blog, and receive a response from Spoony, Bowler or me within 24 hours. We're always happy to chat :D

Have a great Seriously Saturday everyone, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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