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A Fairly Fruitful Theme! (Month of Fruit!)

Hope everyone's been having a great April! Here in Washington, it's clear Spring is on its way here; the sun's been shining, the skies are blue, and the temperature is just the right balance of warm weather with cool Spring winds ^_^

See, Summer? This is how you do sunny days! :P

Anyway! As the weather gets warmer, I'm sure a lot of us are thinking about picnics; enjoying some tasty treats out in the warm sun, and, of course, enjoying some nice, fresh fruit. And that's why this month's theme is... drumroll please... fruit! :D

Did any of you guess the theme from last week's blog post? ;)

Episode link:

For our first episode of the month, Brianne and I are looking at an all-new variety of Cheerios: Multi Grain Cheerios... with Real Strawberries. Yeah, rolls off the tongue, I know :3 But after last week's Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios leaving out the actual strawberries, we knew this was the obvious follow-up cereal to kick off April.

As you might have guessed, as someone who's always had textural issues with fruit, this month might not yield the best scores from me. But hey, I like Raisin Bran! So I'm cautiously optimistic that I might very well find a new hidden gem by the time Spring is in full swing :)

So, have any of you tried cereal with fruit in it, or added fresh fruit to your cereal? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog post, and Spoony or Bowler will write you back! They're always happy to chat ^_^

Thanks for reading! Have a great Seriously Saturday, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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