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A Digital Feast! (...Of Words! :D)

Today's post is another pretty quick one, but one that I think is pretty important to officially announce: I am proud to say that I will be participating in this month's upcoming Digital Feast of Words! :D

For those of you still unaware, this month we will be launching an online version of our "Feast of Words" events that we normally hold in malls. Since obviously our regular table setup doesn't really translate onto the world wide web (who'd have thought :P), this version of Feast of Words handles things a little differently.

Here, Blue Forge artisans - authors, musicians, filmmakers, and game designers - that choose to participate will each film themselves talking about their work, and what they are post passionate about; from there, we edit those videos and provide purchase links!

In addition, we also provide the artisans with postage and labels so they can send out their stock to buyers, while charging them nothing and taking no cut of their revenue. Who says it's hard to work from home? :)

Though we don't have an exact starting date just yet, this event is scheduled to start this month, and will run for the remainder of the year. Even if our mall events are unavailable, creativity waits for no one!

As for what I'll be doing, I'll be discussing various pieces of Seriously Cereal merch, as well as the message of the show; basically, bringing everyone who doesn't follow these blogs up to speed regarding what I'm about! ;D

Of course, all the merchandise is already available on this very site, so I'll be directing people there. Have you checked it out yet? It actually looks pretty freakin' sweet ^_^

Alright, so that's my news for today! Make sure to check your emails tomorrow; I'll be sending you all this month's certificate tomorrow evening!

Thanks for reading, and I'll talk with you again then :)


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