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A Cereal Pack to be Thankful For ^_^ (Thanksgiving Special!)

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Thanksgiving has always been special for me, since I was actually born on Thanksgiving Day!

Delicious turkey and mashed potatoes on your birthday? Sounds like a good deal to me ;)

At this point, Autumn - or Fall, if you prefer - is currently in full-swing. And in appreciation of the season, Quaker has released a special variety pack of autumnal oatmeal flavors. So in the spirit of the holiday, I'm joined by longtime Seriously Cereal supporter, Sheri Miller, to try all three of these cereals in an oatmeal feast! ^_^

And maybe Spoony & Bowler will show up; they're always welcome here :)

Episode link:

Let me tell you, wrapping this episode was no easy task, but I'm thrilled you all have been enjoying this Special so much. And because it bears repeating, I'm thankful for Sheri for joining me in this review. It's always a joy being able to film with you ^_^

Now, this may be the biggest episode this month, but we've still got one more regular review to go! The last Classic With A Twist won't review itself, after all, and Jennifer will be joining me this Saturday to give it a try. I hope you'll all join us there! :D

And of course, just because this was a special episode, doesn't mean you can't leave comments or questions for us! Post a comment on this blog, and me, Spoony or Bowler will write you back within 24 hours. We're always happy to chat ^_^

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone; I'll talk to you again tomorrow! :)


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