Everyone who works on Seriously Cereal is a volunteer. Monthly pledges support the show, fund our autism awareness efforts for actors with autism, and allow Create4U, our creative club for young adults, to be completely free. Find out more about who we are and what we do here: About Us

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All members receive a monthly, original drawing featuring Spoony and Bowler--no matter how much you pledge. Find the amount that works best for you and click one of the colorful pictures below. You'll be automatically billed every month and can cancel at any time. Contact us to ask for a different monthly pledge amount or to pay by check. Just want to donate once? You can do that here.














$100/month pledge

As of today, our monthly pledges from all our patrons total $174


We're small now but we dream big. We update our pledge total every day and when we meet one of the goals (explained below), we launch great changes!


When we reach


We'll be able to post

two episodes of Seriously Cereal every week and host Create4U once a week -- which means more support, fun, hot meals, and more for all Create4U members.


When we reach


When we reach this goal, we'll be able to launch a whole new web series with Create4U and Seriously Cereal will produce an annual thirty minute documentary plus post two episodes every Saturday.